Canada to aquire new SAR aircraft to replace aging CC-115 Buffalo

5 10 2010

A CC-115 Buffalo of 442 Transport & Rescue Squadron

Canadian Defence Minister Peter MacKay has confirmed there are no plans to keep the Canadian Forces CC115 Buffalo flying beyond 2015.

The CC115 Buffalo aircraft provides fixed-wing search and rescue response for the Victoria, BC search and rescue region on Canada’s west coast. It has an operational range of 2,240 kilometres, a maximum cruising speed of 407 kilometres per hour, and a maximum payload of 2,727 kilograms. The Buffalo can search for survivors of search and rescue incidents at low altitudes, and can render assistance to survivors on the ground or in the water by dropping life-saving equipment and medical supplies as well as dispatching search and rescue technicians via parachute to provide medical care. The Buffalo aircraft is part of Canada’s combined fleet of search and rescue aircraft. The Government of Canada is currently looking at options to replace fixed-wing search and rescue assets and equip the CF with new aircraft.

See the full article at David Pugliese Defence Watch Defence




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