Sweden Completes Validation of LCR 2020 Coastal Surveillance Radar

6 10 2010

ITT Corporation announced the completion of successful factory acceptance testing on its coastal surveillance radar system upgrade for the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV).  The Reliability and Modification 870 upgrade program is based on ITT’s new LCR-2020 integrated coastal surveillance radar system.

LCR 2020

The LCR 2020 is a two-dimensional, frequency agile, coastal surveillance radar system for simultaneous detection of air and sea targets.

The LCR 2020 couples superior surface detection capabilities with all-weather performance. Incorporating modern adaptive processing techniques, the LCR 2020 provides excellent rejection of land and sea clutter allowing total situational awareness.

The LCR 2020 features a robust suite of ECCM and jamming detection capabilities, making it suitable for applications in hostile environments.

Highly reliable, the LCR 2020 is designed to operate autonomously and requires minimal maintenance. Multiple radars can be networked to provide an end-to-end solution for coastal surveillance.

PDF Brochure on LCR 2020





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