Canadian Arctic Response Company Trained in Ranger Survival Techniques

12 10 2010

Resolute Bay, NU – Troops make bannock, learn history of inukshuks during off base training.


Sgt Katherine Greer-Hulme
As part of their on-going survival training, soldiers of the Arctic Response Company Group were introduced to some basic techniques used by northern Rangers.

Sgt Katherine Greer-Hulme
Here’s Sgt Marco Comisso with the details.

Sgt Marco Comisso
The soldiers here are just outside of Resolute Bay, and the Rangers are showing them “the what” and “the why” of survival training.

Just rest it just above the ground.

Cpl Amy Taylor
I think, altogether, all the stands were pretty fascinating. It’s nice seeing another culture. And for us, being Canadians, to actually see another Canadian’s culture and everything like that, I think that’s great. The different stands that we did is learning how to cook the bannock.

This is awesome!

Ruth Ruben
It’s their, some soldiers their first time to have bannock, so they liked it. Generation to generation they make bannock. We learn how to make bannock from our grandparents or mothers. We buy the flour from the store, we add water and baking powder and a little bit of milk and we cook it in a stove or oven.

Cpl Amy Taylor
We got to see the inukshuks which, I mean, everybody’s seen, but nobody really understands the purpose behind it. So we got to see that and understand that better.

Paul Atagoota
They don’t use them as often today, but back then they were used a lot because they didn’t have any other way to communicate with other guys. So it was there to mark where to go hunting or where the good fishing areas are. Also, to point where our home is. For different communities they got different meanings, like if I say it’s like this, it’s not all the same in Nunavut. They each got their own interpretation of how it is.

Cpl Amy Taylor
How they do everything years ago that they’re still doing today and it’s nice, it’s good. Like we use high tech stuff, and they’re still doing stuff that they’ve been doing for years and it’s great to learn that.

Sgt Marco Comisso
For Army News, I’m Sgt Marco Comisso.




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