Canadian Arctic Response Company Evaluates Op NANOOK 2010

14 10 2010

Resolute Bay, NU — Collaboration between Army, Rangers, Danes deemed key to operational success.


Sgt Katherine Greer-Hulme
In our final report from Op NANOOK 2010, the Company Sergeant-Major shares his opinion of the Operation and its impact on the soldiers of the Arctic Response Company Group.

MWO Bruce Bernard
Op NANOOK has been a definitely rewarding experience for myself and for the soldiers of 32 Brigade. Our Company, the ARCG Company (Arctic Response Company Group) has performed very well, again with our Arctic Rangers, in doing helicopter insertions for our presence and surveillance patrols within the area of Resolute Bay and Pond Inlet. We’ve also worked with the Canadian Navy and with the Coast Guard and with our international friends, the Danish.

The rewards with Op NANOOK here, it was the opportunity to work with our Canadian Rangers. They’ve shown us how to survive in the north and actually how to appreciate the land and what is important to them. So a good cultural awareness and sensitivity to the people of the north and to the land of the north.

Some of the high points I will remember is obviously the scenery. This is the first time I’ve operated in the Arctic. Second of all is interacting with the locals in the community of Pond Inlet and here in Resolute Bay. Just understanding what’s important to them has touched me.

I’d like to get all these up in the building.
Yep, that would be great.

MWO Bruce Bernard
The soldiers have been received very well. You can see it within the community of Resolute Bay and in Pond Inlet. We’ve had some community initiatives by going to help the residents of Resolute Bay and also within Pond Inlet, having the community day and just interacting with the local people there.

Arctic operations, for one, and how to adapt and be aware of cold-related issues. That would be the primary point I think these soldiers will have taken away from here.

For the Brigade that takes this task on next year, I would hope that the brigade would definitely promote going on this operation to all their soldiers because it is a probably once in a lifetime experience for a lot of the soldiers to be up in this area and interacting with the Inuit and the Canadian Rangers. I think it’s important that the Canadian soldiers understand what is valuable up here and how to protect our Arctic sovereignty.Resolute Bay, NU — Collaboration between Army, Rangers, Danes deemed key to operational success.




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