Bushcraft: Russian Survival Shelter

24 10 2010

Have lost your way in the forest? Here you can learn read how to construct a house and survive, until you be found!

A bivouac (camp) is a temporary dwelling for the person who has got in an unforseen situation. Therefore you must arrange the camp according to this situation. But despite everything, if it is possible, you should build a strong, capital construction, keeping heat and protecting you from any bad weather. If for example you have been thrown out on a desert island or in a deaf taiga after a plane or a ship crash.

It is very simple to construct a temporary shelter in the forest.

We choose a tree which has fallen angularly.

We prepare branches of nessesary length. We do not need thick branches they are heavy and if they fall on you, it will be unpleasant. We also do not take too thin ones – they can not sustain the weight of fir things and will break.

We place the prepeared branches at angularly to a tree.

We choose such an angle, that it would be possible to fit into the shelter. If the corner is too sharp – there won’t be enough space under the roof and if it is too obtuse – the roof might get wet in the rain and fail (epic) under the weight of snow.

We prepare fir twigs.

We start to lay from below. It will allow water to roll down on branches without getting into the shelter

If you are lucky to find fir branches it is better to use them. Their needles are wider than needles of pine for example so the shelter will get wet less.

To make a stove bench we use the same fir twigs.

The shelter is ready!

Source: English Russia




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