Russia Prepares Missle Drill Over the Arctic

27 10 2010
2007 Test of Sineva class missle
Russia prepares to test launch several intercontinental ballistic missiles over the Arctic the next couple of days.

On Thursday the Russian navy will launch intercontinental missiles of the Sineva class from nuclear submarines in the Arctic Ocean and the Pacific, a military source told Interfax. At the same time there will be launches from strategic missile complexes based on land.

According to the source, the U.S. has been informed about the test launches, in accordance with existing agreements.

The last time a Sineva missile was launched from Arctic waters, was in August this year, when the Northern Fleet’s Delta IV class nuclear powered submarine “Tula” launched two ballistic missiles from the Barents Sea to the Kamchatka Peninsula, as BarentsObserver reported. Also the Northern Fleet’s Delta IV class submarine ”Yekaterinburg” has been used for launching Sineva missiles from the Barents Sea. Which of the six Delta IV subs belonging to the North Fleet that are going to launch missiles on Thursday, remains unknown.

The training will involve various components of offensive and defensive strategic weapons. Also the preparedness of space and ground echelons of missile warning systems and the anti-missile defense will be tested, said Interfax’ source.

The next day, on Friday, Russia plans to test launch another one of its brand new sub-launched ballistic missiles of the Bulava class. The launch will probably be conducted from the rebuilt Typhoon-class nuclear submarine “Dmitry Donskoy”, the only sub so far to launch the hi-tech ballistic missile. It has earlier been said that if the next test is a success, the planned third test launch this year could be conducted from the submarine “Yury Dolgoruky”, the first of Russia’s fourth generation strategic Borey-class subs.

Source:  BarentsObserver




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