Russia’s Northern Fleet Administrative Buildings Without Heat

28 10 2010
Several barracks and other buildings in Russia’s Northern Fleet’s main base in Severomorsk have been left without heating for several days after the Russian Defense Ministry has failed to repay the local heating company a €2.3 million debt.

The situation regarding heating in Severomorsk is critical, said the Northern Fleet commander’s press secretary Vadim Serga, according to newspaper Vzglyad. The Northern Fleet owes the local Severomorsk heating company more than RUB 100 million. The Defense Ministry several weeks ago sent a letter of guarantee on swift repayment of the dept, but the buildings are still cold, he said.

The fleet command is now planning to move several hundred sailors and soldiers out from of the cold barracks and into naval ships and garrisons with separate heating-plants.

Not only barracks are left without heating, but also administration buildings, a newspaper office, a TV-studio and a swimming hall.

Severomorsk is already covered in snow, and the temperature is below zero.

Watch video from Severomorsk on

Source: Barents Observer

Background Info
The Russian Northern Fleet (Russian: Северный флот, Severny Flot) is an operational-strategic part of the Russian Navy. It is the youngest of the Russian fleet, established in 1933.

The fleet’s headquarters are in the closed town Severomorsk, where the main base and administrative centre for several bases located throughout the Kola Gulf are located.




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