New jets could trigger ‘Arctic arms race’

29 10 2010
My humble opinion in regards to the article in the Ottawa Citizen where Dr. Byers, chair of global politics and international law at the University of British Columbia, suggested that Canada’s F-35 purchase could “trigger” an Arctic arms race:
1. Russia is a ‘Big Boy’!  The possible Canadian purchase of F-35s to replace its current fleet of F-18s shouldn’t be made just because Russia would get spooked. Seriously? Looking out for the ‘feelings’ of a nation that is currently modernizing its forces with new strategic nuclear missles and PAK-FA 5th gen. fighters really dosn’t top my list of concerns.
2. Canada just lost a seat at the UN SC to Portugal! What would make anyone believe that Canada can start something internationally – especially an arms race!?
3. Totally agree that Canada needs NOT  just SAR planes but also a good look at the SAR capability as a whole in Canada and the North.

4. Although there may be no need for ‘shock and awe’ military aircraft in the North it dosn’t discount the probablity that Canada may want to step up and join its allies (i.e. America) in the future where such aircraft are needed? One only has to remind the reader that as allies such as the UK start chopping their air and sea fleets the burden of international security only deepens for our allies south of the border.

If Canada wants a seat on the international stage – maybe it would be a good idea that we put our money where our mouths are?


The editor dosn’t like the F-35 for a number of reasons. If it was up to the editor Canada would be considering the F-18 Super Hornet, like the Australians did.  



One response

30 04 2012
Gordon Dundas

Actually those folks down in OZ are purchasing the Superbug to replace the F111’s they just retired.They are still committed tothe F35 purchase.

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