Russian TV Expedition To an Arctic Desert

29 10 2010

An expedition to an Arctic desert on one of the islands of the archipelago of Franz Joseph’s Land in the Arctic Ocean. Already familiar pretty Russian reporter Maria Morgun took part in the snowy expedition too.

Source: English Russia

It was a scientific expedition on the research of the Polar natural habitat.

Scientists and correspondents were tracking down bears, lying in ambushes and patrolling the district by helicopters.

The aim was to make bears a biopsy, the excrement and blood analysis and to supply them with collars and transmitters for tracing the animals’ migrations.

The colleagues were living at a local frontier post.

Sochi – 4770 km

An anesthetized bear. Soon he will involuntarily undergo medical tests.

And some more fascinating landscapes.

via mrfilin




One response

21 02 2011

Wow great pics hels shows what a varied and beautifull country is russia and same beautifull goes for maria also 😉

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