Up Here Magazine: Embedded with the Canadian Rangers

9 11 2010

If Canada’s Arctic sovereignty has a brand, it’s the red Rangers hoodie. But what does this citizen militia do to ensure the Northern frontier stays ours? By Tim Querengesser

The wave slaps the boat into a high-speed salsa dance. “Slow down!” screams Ranger Corporal Lori-Ann Lennie, beside her niece, Kayla MacCauley, who’s beside me. That’s me, behind the jet boat’s steering wheel. Now, everything starts to happen extremely fast. As the boat gyrates like Elvis and threatens to chuck us into the Mackenzie River, I reach to my left and accidentally push the throttle fully open. The engine roars like God impersonating a grizzly bear and sends the nose skyward. Now, properly scared shitless, I smack the throttle shut, grip the wheel and mutter a prayer. The boat’s nose crashes down with a “Thump!” but, thankfully, stays above the waves.

Read the rest and view slide show at Up Here




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