Canada Looking at V-22 Osprey as Fixed Wing SAR?

24 11 2010
V-22 Osprey – Wikipedia

Bob Carrese, executive director of business development for the Bell Boeing V-22 program appeared before the Standing Committee on National Defence on November 23 2010 to talk about the V-22 as a potential replacement for Canada’s current Fixed Wing Search and Rescue aircraft.

According to Mr. David Pugliese’s Defence Watch – Ottawa Citizen Boeing proposed the V-22 as a possible replacement this last summer with the company highlighting previous testing of the aircraft at Shearwater and the fact that it has operated in cold climates.

The firm is highlighting the capability of the aircraft to not only fly long distances but also then move into its “helicopter” mode so it could perform a rescue of individuals.




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10 08 2011
Mark Collins - F-35 Problems: Boeing Sees Opportunities/Fixed-Wing SAR

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8 12 2012

The osprey would make far to much sense for canada, its a true search and rescue platformbut, where as the others are search and bring another aircraft in to rescue. Plus it can be transformed into a troop carrier and gunship if need be. As we have seen in the past with canadian military purchases is to buy the K car and tell everyone it is a cadillac. Not a chance they will buy it,

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