Canadian Forces Preps Troops for Northern Tasks – Montreal Gazette

5 02 2011

A military jet has crashed into a wooded field in a rural area east of Montreal, injuring the pilots and severely wounding a passenger and two farmers on the ground.

Screaming residents stumble through thigh-high snow, trying to get to their friends as smoke pours from the fuselage. One man lies face down, blood spattering the snow around his body.

Then the army appears.

Specifically, soldiers from the 5th Service Battalion of the Canadian Armed Forces who have travelled to the Eastern Townships community of Farnham this week from their base in Val Cartier near Quebec City. They’re in the midst of a training operation called Frosty Soldier at the military base in preparation for one of the largest Arctic military exercises to be held starting this month in James Bay. More than 1,300 soldiers, along with 200 civilians, will be gathering for Exercise Guerrier Nordique  Video, to bolster the military’s northern mandate of search and rescue operations, reconnaissance and “sovereignty patrols,” protecting that part of the Arctic that Canada considers ours.




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