Bushcraft: Travel in Snow and Ice Areas

7 02 2011

A new addition to the CWO Journal are these Bushcraft Tips taken from the worlds military forces.

The first tip comes from the US Army that has drawn up the following guidelines for conducting military operations in snow and ice areas.

(U.S. Army photo by Spc. Ashley M. Armstrong)

  • “Whiteouts” (complete snow cover and clouds so thick and uniform that light reflected by the sun is about the same intensity as that from the sky) can occur. This can result in troops falling into crevasses, over cliffs or high snow ridges. Use a stick or poles to probe ahead!
  • Poor visibility makes navigation difficult. A compass is a necessity, but because of magnetic variation navigating a true course is difficult.
  • In summer, there will be a mass of bogs, swamps and standing water, which are difficult to cross. They are accompanied by a mass of mosquitoes which can inflict severe discomfort if body parts are not covered. Use insect repellent!
  • In timbered areas, travel will be made easier with the use of skis or snow shoes.





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