Canadian Forces Advance Party Hits the Road for Exercise GUERRIER NORDIQUE (GN)

8 02 2011

Soldiers from the 5th Service Battalion march during a search-and-rescue training exercise at the Farnham base on Thursday, preparing for a large Arctic exercise this month in James Bay. Photograph by: Dario Ayala, Montreal Gazette

Press release from the CF:

Exercise GUERRIER NORDIQUE (GN) will take place from February 24 to March 12, 2011, in the James Bay region. In order to prepare for the arrival of the troops, an advance party will be deployed to Radisson by road starting February 8, 2011.

All types of military vehicles will leave from Valcartier and will head eastbound on Highway 40 and northbound on Highway 15 and Routes 117 and 109, and then take James Bay Road. The party will take rest stops at Joliette, Mirabel, Grand-Remous, Val-d’Or, Matagami, kilometre 257 and kilometre 381. Two main movements by road are scheduled, from February 8 to 11 and from February 15 to 20.

All necessary measures have been taken to minimize the impact on residents and the environment.

The objective of Exercise GN is to train Canadian Forces troops in Quebec to develop expertise performing operations in the austere conditions of an arctic or subarctic climate and to foster relations with local communities and civilian agencies.

CWO Journal: According to Google Maps the trip from Valcartier, Quebec to Radisson, Quebec is 1,679km. For Europeans that is exactly the distance from Zagrab, Croatia to Barcelona, Spain!




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