BarentsObserver Newsletter 2011-02-10

10 02 2011

1. Finland expands Arctic cooperation with Russia
Possible establishment of joint shipbuilding enterprise to build high-tech Arctic vessels. 

2. Barents Region?s father appointed Honorary Doctor
The founding-father of the Barents Cooperation, Thorvald Stoltenberg,
becomes the first honorary doctor of the new Arctic University in

3. Stubb welcomes more Russians
Finland?s Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb opens state-of-the-art visa
centre in St. Petersburg with 83 service counters and more than 200

4. Russian fiscal policy must change for Shtokman!
The Shtokman project is not economical justifiable with today?s Russian
fiscal policy, says one of the main partners in the project.

5. Looming diamond catastrophe
The development of Lukoil?s Verkhotina diamond project in Arkhangelsk
Oblast will lead to an environmental catastrophy of major proportions,
local activists and researchers warn.

6. Russia honors Norwegian diplomat
Norway?s top diplomat and next Consul General to Murmansk Ųyvind
Nordsletten is awarded with the Russian Order of Friendship by President
Dmitry Medvedev.

7. Yamal to fuel Northwest Russia
Gas from the Yamal Peninsula will cover the current deficit in Northwest
Russia, a leading representative of Gazprom says.

8. Sky- and scuba dive the North Pole
You can take part in the first ever North Pole above and below expedition,
if you are willing to pay ?53,000.

9. Russia, Finland join efforts for environment
Vladimir Putin called Tarja Hallonen on Tuesday to tell about Russia?s
efforts to improve the environmental situation in the Baltic including




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