Bushcraft: Arctic Shelter Tip from Russian Spetsnaz

15 02 2011

Russia’s deadly arctic warriors are experts at fighting and surviving in the world’s coldest regions.

These are their tips for when sheltering:

  • Do not sleep on bare ground. Use insulating materials such as spruce or pine boughs, dry grass, dried moss or leaves.
  • Do not cut wood that is over-sized for your shelter: it uses valuable energy and requires more cord for lashings.
  • The superstructure poles must be the largest and strongest: everything else rests on them.
  • Do not scatter your kit on the ground: keep it in one place to avoid loosing it.
  • Have a fire going before you build your shelter: it can be used as a heat source, a morale booster and can provide boiling water to drink later.
  • Use clove hitches (How to Video) and finish with square knots (How to Video) for securing boughs together.



2 responses

5 10 2012
Barry Leach

What basic info,a 5 year old would know that

5 10 2012


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