Canadian Troops Enforce Presence in Canadian Arctic

17 02 2011

Resolute Bay, NU – Soldiers arrive in new C-17 Globemasters for joint Army-Air Force operation


10-0541 Op NANOOK: Air Force Support

MCpl Ian Tait
The Air Force gave major support to the Army during Op NANOOK. Their pilots and planes helped make the operation a big success.

Sgt Marco Comisso
Nobody can move the Army and its equipment over great distances faster than the Air Force. When it comes to large scale operations like Op NANOOK 10, the Air Force played a key role in projecting the Army into remote areas of Canada’s arctic.

One-Two is complete on the ground. Over.

LCol Bill Kalogerakis
Well they’ve been great. They’ve been able to move us all the way from Trenton to Resolute Bay in a non-stop lift on the new C-117 Globemasters. It’s been great. I mean, that’s a perfect example of how far they can take us. And as well, right here in Resolute, they’ve been able to lift us by helicopter from point A to point B to conduct patrols, to bring us here for our over night survival trip.

This one’s pretty heavy…

LCol Bill Kalogerakis
And the Twin Otters, we’ve been able to do recce’s, we’re going to bring troops in by Twin Otter, we’re going to bring in equipment by Twin Otter.

Check is complete. Numbers again 69, 74.

LCol Bill Kalogerakis
The ACC (Air Component Commander) has done a great job in supporting us throughout this exercise. In fact, they’re going to do a re-supply mission for us in the next 30 minutes. We just sent up an ADREP (Administrative Report), and they’ve got a bird ready, and it’s going to come soon.

Sgt Marco Comisso
Teamwork. Working in tandem with the Air Force, the Army now has a presence and there are boots on the ground. For Army News in Resolute Bay, I’m Sgt Marco Comisso.




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