Ex NORTHERN BISON: Reserve Soldiers Conduct Weapons Qualification & Winter Mobility Exercises

17 02 2011


MCpl Ian Tait
The Army is known for the dedication of its soldiers. From Manitoba, here’s MCpl Bern LeBlanc with one of their stories.

Alright, fire another ten round burst.

MCpl Bern LeBlanc
Reserve units from Western Canada have some of the most dedicated soldiers in the Army.

Sgt Bram Porter
I’m Sgt Bram Porter of The Royal Winnipeg Rifles. 4 gun, 20-round burst.

Sgt Bram Porter
I joined the reserves about 10 years ago in 2000. I had a lot of family that had served in the military and as well as it’s something I had an interest in, so the reserves seemed like a good way to start. It’s been pretty good to me. It allows me to still maintain, I guess, active employment and pursue other stuff, civilian side, whether it be school or work. Doing some OPMEs as well as working towards a Bachelor of Arts through RMC.
The types of training we’ve done in the past have been urban operations, basic navigation, use of the GPS, radios, that kind of thing.
We’ve got a lot of training and preparation for NORTHERN BISON which is coming up in February. We are going to head up to around Churchill. So a lot of it has been geared towards winter mobility and winter operations. This weekend we’re doing the confirmatory shoot for the Infantry Platoon Support Weapons Qualification and in this one they’re firing the C6 in the sustained fire role. My job is to act as the gun controller, telling them what targets to lay on giving them fire control orders and ensuring that they are engaging targets properly.

800 four-foot screen on top of ridge, seen?

Sgt Bram Porter
For the most part it’s a pretty good group of guys. I’ve known a lot of them for the past ten years. There’s a lot of camaraderie and like I said, we’ve worked together quite a bit in the past, so it’s been pretty good.

MCpl Bern LeBlanc
From CFB Shilo, for Army News, I’m MCpl Bern LeBlanc.

Lay on, right-hand edge of section.




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