Canadian Rangers Teach Winter Survival Techniques to 1RCR

1 03 2011

11-0048 Ex ROYAL YETI: Overview

MCpl Ian Tait
Soldiers from 1 RCR recently spent several days in Northern Ontario.

MCpl Ian Tait
They expanded their winter survival skills by working with the 3rd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group.

MCpl Ian Tait
Sgt Marco Comisso followed them on their journey.

Sgt Marco Comisso
Everyday the soldiers of Dukes Company leaves here, the barracks, and heads out towards the ranger stands, where they learn basic survival techniques.

Snowmobiles driving

Major Dave Fearon
The intent here is to come here, reconfirm our basic winter warfare skills, take the opportunity to learn new skills from our ranger comrades over the first week that we’re here. And then we’re going to employ those skills next week in a tactical scenario outside of the town of Mooosonee.

Snowshoes crunching on snow, troops moving with toboggans over snow
Pull back on the sled when we go down the hill!

Major Dave Fearon
They’re going to teach us essentially three different days of stands, some basic survival skills in shelters, another day in which we are going to learn some snaring, ice fishing, trapping skills. And then a third day in which we are going do some ice rescues and how to survive if you fall in the ice.

MWO Rob Patterson
Well we do all basic survival skills, it’s kind of a lost skill if you would say in the military, with the ongoing operations, it’s a fading skill. So what we do, we come out here and we teach them basic winter survival. Nothing tactical, just how to survive in the woods.

And the rangers, these are hard-core bush guys. This is a normal day of work for them.

All of these stands work hand in hand, so there’s a variety of different skills that they do, but it all works together to keep them alive in the woods.

Sound Bite
When you’re building your shelters…

Sgt Comisso
In Moosonee, Ontario, for Army News, I’m Sgt Marco Comisso.





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