Ex ROYAL YETI 2011: Canadian Rangers Teach Dukes Company, 1RCR to Live off Land

8 03 2011

Ex Royal Yeti – Fishing and Snaring

MCpl Ian Tait
Our first story brings us under the watchful eye of our Canadian Rangers, as the soldiers of Dukes Company, 1 RCR try their hand at living off the land.

Sgt Marco Comisso
Learning how to gather your own food is an important lesson, especially in a northern climate.

Put your snare in there. It’s not going to be very … it doesn’t have to be very fancy.

MCpl Joe Lazarus
I’ve been with the Rangers probably I would say about, probably about ten years now, close to eleven. So this is what we are teaching right now. I’ve been doing it over seven years, six or seven years now.

Pte Eric Lanoix
We started off with the Canadian Rangers, the women. We started off by making traditional bannock. It’s flour, baking powder, a little bit of salt, and water and lard, and you just mix it all up. We just put it on the fire and cook it up with some raisins.

Sgt Marco Comisso
And how did that taste?

Pte Eric Lanoix
It was good, really good.

Look for rabbit trails there somewhere.

Pte Eric Lanoix
Then after that we did some snaring with Joe. We just went out and set a few snares, hopefully we can catch some rabbits. Now we’re drilling holes here trying to catch some fish. It’s pretty good for the troops. Personally I’ve had some experience before but it’s helping me learn more here and everyone’s having a good go.

Sgt Marco Comisso
So there’s been no rabbits or fish caught yet?

Pte Eric Lanoix
No not yet. We’re hoping tomorrow.

Sgt Marco Comisso
So you gotta go to the old reliable IMP’s.

Pte Eric Lanoix
Yeah we’re gonna have to, for lunch. The old IMPs.

Sgt Marco Comisso
Nothing yet, but nobody said surviving in the wilderness would be easy. For Army News in Moosonee Ontario, I’m Sgt Marco Comisso.

MCpl Ian Tait
Later in the show, we go under the ice, stay tuned.




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