Multinational Ex Guerrier Nordique (Northern Warrior) 2011 Underway Near James Bay

9 03 2011

Near the Cree community of Waskaganish 150 soldiers walk on a frozen lake as part of another segment of the exercise: survival. The conditions are harsh: the wind is cold, and temperatures can drop to -45 ° C at night.

More than 1500 Canadian, American, French and Polish soldiers are currently taking part in a three-week military exercise near James Bay, Canada. Dubbed, Guerrier Nordique (Northern Warrior) 2011 the exercise aims to simulate a multinational operation in response to an international summit, northern rescue operations and survival in subarctic conditions.

The 1500 troops participating in the exercise are divided into three groups for three weeks. The Canadian Forces are being represented by units of the Regular and Reserve Force with 40 to 60 Canadian Rangers from the James Bay region also participating. To make it more interesting, 30 to 40 officers from Royal Canadian Mounted Police, fifty soldiers of the U.S. Army as well as French and Polish military personnel are also participating in the exercise.

During the exercise troops aim to establish a camp, constructed shelters and fortifications made of snow and ice. They also plan to practice their skiing and snowmobiling skills and also the ruggedness of their “snowcrete” fortifications by conducting a shooting practice to test penetration using various different weapons (C6 caliber 7.62 mm, C7 and C9, 5.56 mm and the Carl Gustav, 84 mm).

The following is a video of French troops preparing for the exercise:




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21 03 2011
Sherry Hummell

My son lives in Montreal and I am here in Ottawa. He was on Op Northern Warrior with RCH and I was wondering if there are any other photos?

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