Ex WOLFPACK ENDEAVOUR 2011 Kicks Off in Northern Ontario

14 03 2011

Royal Military College of Canada Cadets Prepare for EX Wolfpack Endeavour 2011

About 400 Canadian Army reservists have taken a week off from their full-time careers and studies to participate in Exercise Wolf Pack Endeavour, 33 Canadian Brigade Group’s (33 CBG) winter training event taking place in a Northern Ontario region until March 20.

Throughout the week, soldiers will complete the basic winter warfare qualification, build snow defences and conduct a two-day tactical training exercise. They will also compete in a winter skills competition and train with snowmobile equipment.

Canadian Rangers from 3rd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group (3 CRPG) will lead the survival training by teaching soldiers to prepare wild game, to conduct open water rescue and to use snares.  “We need to pack as much into this week-long exercise as we can but we also have to make the training realistic and exciting at the same time,” said Colonel Duane Waite, commander of 33 Canadian Brigade Group. “With the Canadian Forces focusing on arctic operations and the north as per the Canada First Defence Strategy, the Army and Army Reserve are re-engaging in winter operations and building those skill sets, which are required to operate in austere northern environments.”

In addition to 33 CBG’s 14 Army Reserve units, a host of other Canadian Forces units are participating or providing support to Exercise Wolf Pack Endeavour, including a small group of American National Guard soldiers who will integrate with Canadian soldiers and train side by side.

Royal Military College has also deployed two platoons of cadets to the excercise. Prior to deploying, the cadets completed their Basic Winter Warfare training at RMC.

The participating and supporting organizations are:

– 33 Canadian Brigade Group (14 units from across Northern and Eastern Ontario)
– 3rd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group (HQ located at CFB Borden)
2 Area Support Group (from CFB Petawawa)
– 33 Service Battalion (Ottawa)
– 33 Military Police Platoon (Ottawa)
– 28 Field Ambulance (Ottawa)
– 1-69 New York National Guard (U.S.A.)




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