The Canadian Ranger Rifle Project – A Reporters Recommendation

3 10 2011

If the SUN reporter had his way the Ruger Gunsite Scout would be the next rifle of the Canadian Rangers

OTTAWA – So the Canadian Rangers — the Arctic militia — are getting a new rifle to replace the iconic Lee-Enfield Mk4 that they’ve carried since they first stood up in 1947.

According to the army, the supply of parts to repair or replace damaged or lost weapons is completely exhausted.

Some will say it’s about time. Others will lament the end of the Enfield era, which means saying goodbye to the century-old .303 British cartridge, too.

The defence department and the Rangers themselves have agreed the new cartridge will be the .308 Winchester, one of the most popular big-game hunting cartridges in North America. It is also the standard 7.62 NATO military round used by the Canadian Forces.

But first they must choose a replacement rifle for the venerable Lee-Enfield, which was designed in 1895, and that won’t be easy.

Read the rest HERE

NOTE: Since the procurement of the new Ranger Rifle is open Ruger has the opportunity to compete for the contract. As for the authors other suggestions. Probably not.




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