Development of Russia’s Arctic Brigade

7 10 2011

According to Russian media – ITAR-TASS:

MOSCOW, Oct. 7. / SPB-TASS /. Russian Arctic team will be formed on the basis of existing connections, they will be placed in places of permanent deployment and launch from there to perform the tasks specified in the Arctic. Itar-Tass reported today Deputy Defense Minister Army General Dmitry Bulgakov.

“On the basis of existing connections will be established precisely established team, which will be designed to perform tasks in the Arctic zone. Their combat training will be focused precisely on this,” – said the official.

“You can not seriously think that some team will be planted between the Arctic icebergs in the far north and it will sit there and wait for problems – Bulgakov said. – Of course not, the team will have their places of permanent deployment, as well as other compounds of our army where it will kick about or leave their own power to perform the tasks in those areas that it will be shown. ”

Noting that the place of permanent deployment of the Arctic teams in November will determine the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Deputy Defense Minister said, “Where would this team nor was stationed, their tasks to ensure Russia’s security, it will perform in the Far North in the Arctic zone. That is why this team should be properly equipped and equipped. ”

Bulgakov explained that it was a new military and special equipment, uniforms and nutrition personnel. “It is clear that the form of clothes and food of Arctic Brigade soldiers are not the same as that of ordinary combined arms brigades. In particular, in severe frosts personnel need a special dress and a completely different food for calories, energy and nutritional value,” – said Bulgakov. He did not elaborate on what specific products in question, but recalled that already in-arms rations introduced bacon and bread baking instead of special biscuits. “Tu calorie content, which is necessary, we will provide,” – he said.

Speaking of technology, which will be equipped with Arctic Brigade, Deputy Minister noted that “it’s not just the current technology, there are many new things.” “If the old equipment has characteristics that allow its use in the Far North, we will pick up, but the technique in the transfer will be different teams for cross-country, power, resistance to frost,” – he explained.

September 12 Bulgakov, ITAR-TASS reported that the military equipment, which will be equipped with Arctic Brigade, “will be able to pass through the deep snow and operate at temperatures of minus 50 degrees and below.” In November, on the basis of all decisions taken by the leadership of the Ministry of Defense on manning and securing the Arctic teams to the Russian public will be communicated and carried out detailed information display of advanced technology and equipment, including weapons and equipment of these teams.

As previously reported, Russian Defence Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, the Arctic is one of the teams will be formed on the basis of a separate motorized rifle brigade of the Western Military District, headquartered stationed in Pechenga / Murmansk region, the northern part of the Kola Peninsula.




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