CF Arctic Update January 9 2012

9 01 2012

Happy New Year! Some articles that came out over the break regarding Canada, the Arctic and the CF.

Is Geopolitical Competition Over the Arctic Exaggerated?
By Geoffrey Kemp, Tim Boersma & Nicholas Siegel
Slowly but surely, climate change is opening up the Arctic. Greenland’s glaciers and ice fields are melting, sea ice around the North Pole is decreasing each year, and the huge permafrost areas of Russia and Canada are beginning to thaw.

Two Canadian and American Authors Express Concern Over Their Countries’ Lack of Arctic Development
…on the Arctic have been published in North American newspapers. In the Canadian daily, the Toronto Star, Michael Byers, a professor at the University of British Columbia and an expert on the Arctic, penned a piece lamenting Northern Canada’s lack of development compared to Russia. Since he is currently a visiting professor at Novosibirsk Univers…
from Foreign Policy BlogsForeign Policy Blogs | The FPA Global Affairs Blog Network

Arctic airbase expansion eyed at Resolute Bay
…The Royal Canadian Air Force has looked at a major expansion at Resolute Bay as it considers transforming it into a key base for Arctic operations, according to documents obtained by Postmedia. The construction of a 3,000-metre paved runway, hangars, fuel installations and other infrastructure has been proposed as part of an effort to support g…
from Nunatsiaq News – Online

Positive Unilateralism – An Effective Strategy to Protect the Canadian Arctic Environment or a Subtle Approach to Establish Sovereignty?
…The Canadian establishment of the Arctic marine traffic system NORDREG (Northern Canada Vessel Traffic Services Zone Regulations), implemented to safeguard the Canadian Arctic marine environment, illustrates the most recent unilateral act in the Arctic. These mandatory regulations, which replace the informal NORDREG Zone and its voluntary report…
from The Arctic Institute – Center for Circumpolar Security Studies

Hunter in Canadian Arctic fights off polar bear with hammer
…s eastern Arctic territory of Nunavut, had a harrowing experience when they were attacked by a polar bear that was with her cubs. The bear died after the hunters shot it. On Wednesday, five men went out to retrieve their cache of Igunaq, or aged walrus meat, when the bear attacked them. John Arnatsiaq, 58, squared off against the bear after it w…
from Eye on the Arctic

Melting Arctic brings new opportunities
…A Canadian ice-pilot with four decades of Arctic experience, MacIntyre remembers when the route was choked with sea-ice that was 10 to 15 metres thick. Twenty-two ships sailed through the Northwest Passage in 2011. On the other side of the Arctic Ocean, 34 ships traversed Russia’s Northern Sea Route. The Arctic Ocean, which exists in a preca…
from Who Owns the Arctic?

Initial Flight Safety Report: Search And Rescue Accident Of October 27, 2011
…in the Arctic resulting in the death of the mission team leader, Sergeant Janick Gilbert, will be available today on the Air Force Directorate of Flight Safety website.
from Canada News Centre – National Defence and the Canadian Forces

Airman died in treacherous conditions in Canadian Arctic
…cold Arctic waters A Canadian airman involved in the successful rescue of a father and son in Canada’s eastern Arctic territory of Nunavut died under harrowing conditions, according to a report released by the Canadian Forces. Sgt. Janick Gilbert, 34, of Baie-Comeau, Quebec, died outside the hamlet of Igloolik in October after parachuting into r…
from Eye on the Arctic




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