Canadian Drones in Alaska’s New Unmanned High Tech Frontier

4 10 2012

An interesting story featuring a Canadian designed and built unmanned aerial vehicle being used in the Arctic.

The firm profiled is Aeryon Labs Inc. located in Waterloo, Ontario.

At first, these drones were used primarily by the military. But Alaskans are finding more and more applications for this technology. Shell Oil has used these aircraft in a pilot project, to watch out for bowhead whales while exploring for oil in the Arctic. BP is looking to use them to improve its oil spill response capabilities.

Some at the conference wondered out loud about how unmanned aircraft might have been useful in preparing for recent floods in Southcentral Alaska. They say the drones, which can fly for hours at a time, might have helped identify places where flooding was imminent.

Read the rest of this story at:

And this video showing how the Aeryon Lab Scout was used by the Libyan Rebels.




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