Canada’s Search and Rescue Capabilities Showcased at SAREX 2012

9 10 2012

SAREX 2012 is a nation-wide annual exercise bringing together search and rescue units from across Canada in challenging settings to upgrade and maintain skills in parachute accuracy, medical, search, rescue, maintenance and team spirit.

SAREX also allows for the standardization of SAR techniques between the various units in a live exercise setting.

Working within the national SAR program, the Canadian Forces works with partners to provide the quickest and best response to SAR incidents using all available assets.

SAR is a shared responsibility among federal, provincial/territorial and volunteer organizations. Due to its vast size and range of environments, Canada relies on a diverse group of government, military, volunteer, academic and industry partners to provide overall SAR services to the Canadian public.

Read more about search and rescue responsibilities in Canada here.

To view photos of National SAREX 2012, visit the Canadian Forces Combat Camera website.




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9 10 2012
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