Chief of Staff to Canadian Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship Project Recognized for Leadership

10 10 2012

Commander John McIsaac (Left), COS Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship (AOPS) Project, was honoured with the Brian Holmes Award on September 10, 2012.

Recently, Cdr. McIsaac was recognized by the Assistant Deputy Minister (Materiel) with the Brian Holmes Award. More details on Cdr. McIssac and the award as reported by the Royal Military College Alumni blog e-Veritas:

This award provides ADM(Mat) the opportunity to recognize an individual who has displayed exceptional mentorship, support and guidance to employees within the Materiel Group. Cdr McIsaac’s extensive experience and approachable demeanor make him an exceptional counselor and tutor to both junior officers and all new members to the AOPS project. He encourages all employees to become involved by becoming members of committees (such as the entertainment committee) and volunteering for charitable campaigns. In addition to supporting the members of PMO AOPS, Cdr McIsaac has freely provided guidance and support to the Joint Support Ship (JSS) and Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) projects. Through his integrity and respect of confidentiality, he has earned the trust of many members in this division.





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