Video of the Day: CF Small Arms Competition 2012

16 10 2012

The 2nd Canadian Rangers Patrol Group (2 CRPG) shooting team has again distinguished itself by being the best overall shooting team amongst the other Canadian Ranger Patrol Groups during the annual Canadian Forces Small Arms Competition 2012.

The competition was conducted at the Connaught Range (outskirt of Ottawa Ouest, Ontario) from 17 to 22 September 2012.

The competition gathered the top Canadian Forces shooters (Regular Force, Reserve Force and Canadian Rangers) but also top shooters of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, members of military forces from NATO and the American, British and Australian Armies joint program.

Congratulations to the Rangers of 2 CRPG and everyone that participated.




5 responses

17 10 2012

Gorgeous video and inspiring- thanks for posting! We’ll be sharing this link on the Watchers of the North Facebook and Twitter feeds.

17 10 2012

Have to give the guys/gals at 2CRPG for putting together some AMAZING videos featuring the Canadian Rangers and Junior Rangers!

17 10 2012

Any idea who creates them? They’ve got a great filmmaking team! Definitely will be checking out the others they’ve made.

17 10 2012

I think you can find their info on their Vimeo profile.

17 10 2012

Got it! And just joined their Facebook page, too. Thanks!

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