News Update – 17 Oct 12

17 10 2012

MCpl Max Lahaye-Lemay received the SAR Tech of the Year Award, which was presented to him at the national SAREX 2012 in Val d’Or, Que. on September 21. Credit: DND.

RCAF assists Environment Canada Arctic project
The frigid waters in Canada’s Arctic have historically been locked in ice nearly year-round, making them virtually inaccessible to even the toughest ships. But this is changing. Sea ice cover is declining and with increased attention to the North, marine traffic is on the rise.

Search and rescue base proposed for Yellowknife
Response times for search and rescue operations in the North could be drastically reduced under a new proposal that would add a Canadian Forces search and rescue aircraft base to Yellowknife.

MCpl Maxime Lahaye-Lemay named SAR Tech of the Year
Master Corporal Maxime Lahaye-Lemay was awarded the prestigious Search and Rescue Technician of the Year Award on September 21 at the 2012 National SAREX in Val d’Or, Que.

2 RCMP get bravery medals for Northern Rescues
Two RCMP officers will receive medals of bravery from the Governor General Friday for rescues in Northern waters.
In 2010, RCMP Const. Shaun De Grandpré plunged into the cold Beaufort Sea to rescue two people – a man and a woman — in Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T.

SAR tech recalls deadly Igloolik, Nunavut, rescue
A member of the Canadian Forces search and rescue squadron is talking about a harrowing, deadly rescue mission in Nunavut, one year after it happened.

More spies in the Arctic
The Arctic is attracting more foreign spies. Norwegian and Danish security services are reporting that foreign countries are anxious to secure their position in the High North.




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