New Link: US Army Cold Regions Test Center

24 10 2012

Located in the heart of Alaska, the U.S. Army’s Cold Regions Test Center (CRTC), is the premier cold-weather test facility within the US Department of Defense. The Test Center offers access to more than 670,000 acres of range, controlled airspace, support facilities, and consistently cold weather.

The winter climate is characterized by periods of below-zero temperatures that last from several days to several weeks, with lows occasionally plunging to minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The Test Center offers a full range of test capabilities and the professional expertise for all cold-weather tests. Experience in the cold-weather testing of military equipment has shown that such testing requires at least a six-hour block of time in which the ambient temperature remains within test guidelines. CRTC provides the synergistic effects of temperature, wind, and snow in an area large enough to truly represent winter warfare. The CRTC environment allows for mobility, maneuver, and direct-fire and indirect-fire testing that cannot be duplicated in environmental chambers. Additionally, limited winter sunlight provides extended test periods for night-vision systems while temperate conditions and nearly 24 hours of light provide excellent conditions for summer testing.

CRTC’s vision is to be the Department of Defense’s best winter, natural environment test center, providing quality testing by experienced cold weather experts who are always responsive to customer needs.

What they do:

  • Test military tracked and wheeled vehicles.
  • Test manned and unmanned ground and aerial systems and unmanned ground sensors.
  • Test weapon systems (direct and indirect fire), munitions, and small arms.
  • Test Soldier systems and support equipment.
  • Test individual Soldier clothing and equipment.
  • Test mines, explosives, and demolitions.
  • Provide access to numerous primary, secondary, and cross-country test courses for vehicle mobility, reliability, and durability testing.
  • Provide commercial customers with brake, suspension, traction, and handling test courses.
  • Provide access to a state of the art Battle Area Complex/Combined Arms Collective Training Facility (BAX/CACTF).
  • Provide access to assault strips, drop zones, and a Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) site.
  • Utilize United States Army Alaska Soldiers (when available) as test participants/operators during developmental testing.




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