“ARCTIC DEFENDERS” Upcoming Film Features Inuit Perspective on Canada’s Sovereignty in the North

31 10 2012


In 1968, John Walker, a sixteen year old, with 35mm camera in hand, boards a ship in Montreal on its way to Resolute Bay, in the High Arctic. It has been his childhood dream to visit the north – his imagination inspired by films and “Eskimo” art brought into his home. What he doesn’t realize is that the global radicalism of 1968 was also the beginning of a re-imagining of the Arctic by a group of radical “Eskimos”.

They began their political movement by challenging the use of the foreign word Eskimo. They were Inuit and they had a dream – the governance of their territory, the creation of Nunavut.

We join Oo Aqpik, a modern Inuk woman, and John Walker, a filmmaker, on a ship heading from Greenland to Resolute Bay. The film unfolds as Oo introduces us to some of the visionary “Defenders” of Nunavut. As she investigates the recent history of her people and searches for answers to Canada’s sovereignty in the north from an Inuit point of view, she unveils some of the darker side of this history, as well as finding hope and inspiration from the generation before her that fought for change.

Check out their website: http://www.arcticdefenders.ca/




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