Rangers build traditional komatiks to aid patrols

2 12 2013

Eight years ago when Allen Pogotak, a Canadian Ranger leader in Ulukhaktok, headed out in the middle of winter to rescue an injured hunter, it was essential that he and the team of rescuers traveled with a komatik.


“One of the guys, they were out hunting muskox and he broke his leg in two places, so we had to go out at 2:00 in the morning to pick him up. He was about 120 miles from Ulukhaktok,” Pogotak shared. The team found him after traveling all night, loaded him onto the komatik and brought him back to town for transport to hospital in Yellowknife.

Pogotak was one of a 12-man team that assembled last week in Yellowknife to build komatiks for distribution among Canadian Ranger patrols in the North.

The Rangers, four each from Taloyoak, Kugluktuk and Ulukhaktok, were chosen for their experience in making the traditional sleds.

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