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A study of man’s military history in cold and mountainous regions leads to one basic conclusion his successes and failures are measured in terms of his regard for the dominant characteristics of a cold environment. As soldiers, we must be prepared to live, move, and fight in a cold environment.

US Army Alaska – Cold Weather Operations Manual, 2000

CWO Journal is slowly working towards providing you – the Cold Weather Operator – with the latest news, tips and tricks to help you comfortably and effectively operate in harsh and extreme climates.

Here at CWO Journal we’re also trying to bring to you – the reader – content that is relevant to current military operations in the Arctic and circumpolar world.

Leave your comments, ideas and if you are interested in contributing to the blog please shoot us an email: cwojournal@gmail.com


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27 10 2011

nice blog… who you guys are?

13 12 2011


Sorry to get back to you so late.

I am a masters student and former CDN Ranger with very little time to devote to the blog.

I’m glad you like it.

Nice to see a reader from Czech!

13 12 2011

Thanks mate,
I am qualified as US Army Ranger:-), however, I serve in Czech military. Going for advanced winter warfare course in february to Krkonoše mts., looking forward:-)

2 11 2011
Richard Bray

Hi, I write for FrontLine magazine. Please drop me a line.

25 11 2013
25 11 2013
CWOJournal Editor

Thanks Chris,

Link added.

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