Russia reactivates military airfield in the Arctic after 20 years

9 12 2013

Earlier in October, Putin stated strongly that Russia would never “surrender” its Arctic area. Indeed, Temp airfield located on Kotelny Island, the largest of Russian islands in Novosiberian region, is being reactivated.

The airfield has been operational beginning in 1949 then, 20 years ago, its activity was suspended, and the infrastructures preserved for future use. Since then, Russian policy towards Arctic has become more aggressive and one of the elements of that policy is to reinstate the aforementioned airfield for Russian Air Force planes.

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Russian military garrison returns to Alakurtti

2 10 2010

BarentsObserver – The Russian Ministry of Defence has reconsidered its decision to abandon the border town of Alakurtti in Murmansk Oblast.

3 km NW of Alakurtti is the Alakurtti naval air base. It is serviced by the 4th Naval Bomber Regiment (Su-24) and 485 OVP (485th Independent Helicopter Regiment) flying (Mi-24 and Mi-8).

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