Kit Review: Arc’teryx LEAF Naga Hoody

31 10 2012

The Arc’teryx LEAF Naga Hoody is a versatile three-season-plus piece that works as a base-, mid- or non waterproof outer-layer. It began as a base layer project for Canadian SOF.

Supposedly developed as a base layer project for Canadian Special Forces, the Naga Hoody made from dense Polartec Power Stretch fleece and designed specifically for wear beneath body armor in very cool to frigid environments.

Editors Comment: This would be a great piece of kit for the Canadian Rangers if it was made in bright CR Red.

Read the Kit Review at GEAR SCOUT


Kit Review: Winter 2011-2012

13 10 2011

With winter weather coming, CWO Journal is getting ready to test out some kit that will make life easier in the field.

This weekend CWO is going to see how well the Talus Outdoor Technologies – Cold Avenger balaclava is for sleeping in outdoor conditions in and around the freezing mark.

Wait out for a full review!

Kit Closet: Canadian Ranger Survival Knife

14 02 2011

Grohmann DH Russell No. 4S Ranger Survival Knife

  • Custom made for the 4th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group.
  • 5 1/2″ heavy-duty stainless blade, laser etched with Ranger crest.
  • Rosewood handle with lanyard.
  • Total length: 10 5/16″
  • Fully enclosed, heavy-duty leather military sheath with extra pouch for sharpening steel. Heavy-duty stitching. Brass clasp. 2″ belt loop.
  • Chrome-Vanadium sharpening steel from Solingen, Germany.
  • Usual retail price: $142.00.
  • Ranger price: Only $85.00, plus $10.00 shipping.
  • Multiple orders accepted. All proceeds to support 4 CRPG Rangers, staff and families.

Payment required up front. Do not send cash. Send cheque/money order payable to “4 CRPG NPF” to:

Fin NCO,
Box 17000 Stn Forces,
Victoria, BC V9A 7N2

HQ will place the order at the end of March 2011, so hurry with your payment. Once the knives are received from Grohmann, HQ will ship yours to you.

New Feature! KIT REVIEW!

9 02 2011

For the people who think issued kit just isn’t good enough…
For the people who get hard ons when they see a bit of kit and say “thats Gucci”…
For the people always on the lookout for something better…
For the people whose rigs are never complete…
For the people who are up at 11pm looking at militaryphotos, ausspecialforces and aarse for good ideas…
For the people who take joining instructions with a grain of salt and a bit of reality…

Ode to the Kit Junkie

CWO Journal aims to provide you, the Cold Weather Operator, with tips, tricks and advice to help you comfortably and effectively operate in harsh and extreme climates.

As such, a new feature at CWO Journal will be the Kit Review. Aimed to be a useful resource for the Kit Junkie in you, Kit Review hopes to make planning your personal kit purchase’s easier through an unbiased approach based on thorough research and operational product use/abuse.

For your convenience the Kit Review will appear on the blog and will be archived on the page link in our header right beside the About CWO Journal page link.

For our first kit review CWO Journal will be taking the Talus Outdoor Tech ColdAvenger® Expedition Balaclava out into the Canadian Rockies in the near future. As we are all fed up with frozen faces – we look forward to testing out this new and revolutionary product!

Stay tuned.

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