Video: 2 CRPG Johnny Daniel Angnatuk, Quaqtaq, Nunavik

9 12 2013

A video about Johnny Daniel Angnatuk, Master Corporal in the Canadian Rangers Patrol of Quaqtaq, Nunavik and his involvement with the Junior Canadian Rangers.

The aim of the Junior Canadian Rangers Program is to promote traditional cultures and lifestyles, including Ranger skills by offering a variety of structured activities to young people living in remote and isolated communities.

Under the supervision of the Canadian Rangers, these young Canadians (12 to 18) become active and engaged citizens of their local communities.

Production: Captain Francis Arsenault 2nd Canadian Rangers Patrol Group (2 CRPG) Social Media


Rangers build traditional komatiks to aid patrols

2 12 2013

Eight years ago when Allen Pogotak, a Canadian Ranger leader in Ulukhaktok, headed out in the middle of winter to rescue an injured hunter, it was essential that he and the team of rescuers traveled with a komatik.


“One of the guys, they were out hunting muskox and he broke his leg in two places, so we had to go out at 2:00 in the morning to pick him up. He was about 120 miles from Ulukhaktok,” Pogotak shared. The team found him after traveling all night, loaded him onto the komatik and brought him back to town for transport to hospital in Yellowknife.

Pogotak was one of a 12-man team that assembled last week in Yellowknife to build komatiks for distribution among Canadian Ranger patrols in the North.

The Rangers, four each from Taloyoak, Kugluktuk and Ulukhaktok, were chosen for their experience in making the traditional sleds.

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Canadian Rangers Train in Meaford Ontario

2 12 2013


The Canadian Armed Forces’ eyes and ears in northern Ontario have descended on Meaford.

A group of Canadian Rangers will be at the 4th Canadian Division Training Centre in Meaford until Friday where they will work towards achieving their basic Ranger qualification.

Known for their bright red hats and sweatshirts, the Canadian Rangers are a unique sub-component of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves that patrols remote and sparsely populated areas of Canada, mostly in the north.

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Ultra-light Tactical Vehicles – Things Canadian Rangers Need

28 11 2013

Maybe a little bit of a streatch for the Canadian Rangers, but something that could be a definate asset for the Canadian Forces light mounted recce units conducting complex / cold weather ops.

Coupled with current recce platforms these quads could fan out and provide mobility for recce troops tasked with getting eyes on target.

Check out the Polaris Factsheet

Northern Ontario Canadian Rangers Tested in SAR Exercise

25 11 2013

Canadian Rangers from across northern Ontario have completed an advanced five-day search and rescue training exercise in the bush north of Thunder Bay. The main part of the exercise was for a “missing” man and his two children.

“It was very realistic,” said Ranger Rita Brisket of Lac Seul. “I feel more confident about being able to respond to a real life emergency in my own community after doing this exercise. As soon as we got off the bus we were put straight into the search. The first day I walked 17 kilometres looking for signs for the missing family.”

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Canadian Ranger Recruiting Video: More than just the eyes and ears of the CF in the North

22 10 2012

Another AMAZING video put up by 2 Canadian Ranger Patrol Group!

Great work!

Canadian Rangers roll out in Watson Lake

22 10 2012

The Canadian Rangers during an exercise at Fish Lake in Whitehorse in March 2006. The Rangers are celebrating their 65th anniversary in the Yukon by opening a Watson Lake detachment.

The chief of the Liard First Nation can now add Ranger Sergeant to his list of credentials.

On the eve of its 65th anniversary, the First Canadian Ranger Patrol Group, which began in Dawson City in 1947, is expanding its forces with a detachment in Watson Lake.

In September, Sgt. and Chief Liard McMillan, along with Liard First Nation Councillor and now Master Cpl. Jim Wolftail, went for training in Fort Simpson, N.W.T. to become the first rangers ready for service for the new detachment.

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